Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School's Out...Professional Development Time

Although I have enjoyed the first few days of summer vacation, I realize that I can't allow the whole summer to go by without pursuing some type of professional development. So far, I have signed up for a 4-day workshop next week to develop lessons for Atlas Rubicon. I'm also going to a one-day workshop the following week to help me prepare for a brand new class I'll be teaching next year.

I love my summer vacation, and I think it's necessary to re-charge from a busy school year. Still, I know professional development will help me get ready for next year too. So, I encourage all teachers to seek out ways to improve their practice. Not only are there workshops, but there are online classes, books, and other sources.

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Patricia said...

Hey, Victoria, I'm with you! I usually enjoy the Best Practices Institute, but I worked through Monday getting my room stripped down for summer cleaning.

I've registered for a workshop on 5 Easy Steps, a methodical delivery and review of math skills. It's only a couple of days, and I'm excited about getting some new ideas.

Hope springs eternal. We look forward to the summer SO much those last few weeks of school--and then within a week or two, we're gathering ideas for next year!

Balance is hard--but I DO plan to take at least two weeks TOTALLY off in July.